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Iā€™m Marsha Vaughn, LCSW, Clinical Supervisor, Author and Life Coach. In my coaching practice, I help women who are newly divorced pick themselves up out of overwhelm and move into a new vision of themselves. My personal life journey through multiple traumas, including divorce after 15 years of marriage, has given me a ton of experience in how to do this. Lessons I learned the hard way I'd like to help you learn more easily. I will teach and motivate you to use practices to help you recover or find parts of yourself and to create a sustainable life that you love.

For an in-depth picture of what I do you can either download my book, Fear of Flying Solo: Recovery from Divorce from Amazon.com or you can click on the Contact button and request a free downloadable version. I look forward to hearing from you!

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Therapy is for treatment of specific mental health issues.

The therapist will assess you to discover what mental health symptoms are troubling you. From these symptoms the therapist determines what mental health diagnosis they are going to assign at this time. Keep in mind that mental health diagnoses, like physical health diagnoses are not necessarily for life, but can get better with the right treatment. This process is similar to the way a medical doctor figures out what physical health problem you have. The right treatment is determined by what the diagnosis and symptoms are. It is important to note that not all therapies are effective for all symptoms. If you want a therapist you will want to make sure to choose one who has the skills and offers the type of treatment that will be effective for your current diagnosis.

The therapy works to help you overcome, diminish or learn to manage the mental health symptoms. Therapy tends to be open-ended and longer term. The client rather than the therapist sets the pace at which the healing work is done. The reasons people choose therapy include things like: to get a deeper understanding of and to help resolve family relationship issues, to heal from past traumas and to disrupt repetitive patterns. Therapy is often, but not always paid for by health insurance.

What are the fees for therapy?

A standard 50 minute session either in person or by video conference:
Initial Session $200.00
Individual Therapy $180.00
Family Therapy $180.00


Coaching is goal and results oriented.

In coaching, the coach will want to assess you to discover if you are a good fit to work together. For instance, if their specialty is coaching people on success at work, they would want to make sure that this is what you need and want.

Once you agree that you want coaching in the area that the coach is confident they can support you with, you will be offered a program which has a beginning, middle and an end. Because coaches work to help you attain your goals and to motivate you to that as quickly as possible, they set the tempo for each session. The purpose of life coaching is to motivate and inspire you to create the life you envision for yourself.

A coach will be very active in their sessions with you, teaching you what they have learned, often from their own experience, on how to solve your problem. You may get assignments or learn new practices to use in your life after the coaching program has ended.

The primary difference I have found in being both a therapist and a coach is that in my role as a therapist I spend most of my time listening and providing validation for your emotional reality. This can help you to hear yourself.

As a coach, my role is to guide you towards your goals with direction and purpose. I am more directive and ask questions to help you make decisions on your own. Emotional content can come up during coaching sessions but the focus is on moving through them quickly to get back on track with your goals.

Coaching is not paid for by health insurance

I hope this distinction is helpful to you. Both disciplines are incredibly valuable for all of us to have access to when we need and want them. Choose wisely.

As a Life Coach, despite my training as a therapist, I am offering you a directive, motivational program to achieve your goals related to starting a new and vibrant life after divorce.

What are the fees for coaching?

Coaching is offered by program and rates vary depending on the length of the program.

8 weeks of individual coaching via 1 hour video conference ranges from between $1500 - $3000 per program. Longer term programs of up to a year are priced accordingly.